Legacy Window Cleaning
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Our company is dedicated to your every cleaning need, done to your satisfaction. We have the capability to serve any size job, big or small, and have an expert available for every facet of the industry. We use only the best and safest equipment available when servicing your property.
Cleaning Services:

Professional Window Cleaning
High-Rise Capability
Professional Power Washing
Construction Clean-ups


Window Cleaning: Commercial, Residential and Buildings Legacy Cleaning offers professional commercial and residential window cleaning including high-rises, homes and other buildings. Our professional staff deliver quality window cleaning services in a timely manner while staying competitively priced. Window Cleaning Salt Lake City Utah
Power Washing: High-Pressure Washing (Hot & Cold)We offer power washing for cleaning many difficult surfaces including, but not limited to, vinyl siding cleaning, asphalt and sidewalk cleaning. Have questions about anything industry related? We'd be happy to assist you in any way we can, at no cost! window cleaning

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